Life Ball Magazin

Bereits zum dritten Mal wurde die kreative Gestaltung und Umsetzung des Life Ball Magazins dem RG Verlag anvertraut. Auch diese Ausgabe des Charity- und Lifestyle-Magazins beschäftigt sich mit Themen rund um den Kampf gegen HIV und Aids und lässt Designer, Stars und Gäste des Events, die sich in den Dienst der guten Sache stellen, zu Wort kommen.


Death and Life. Tradition and a spirit of change. Despair and hope. This balancing act defines the Life Ball in all it’s facets and is reflected in this year’s Life Ball magazine in the form of exciting interviews and portraits. This diversity is similar to the battle against HIV/AIDS itself – because those involved are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds: groundwork’s who dedicate their lives to the battle against the virus. Politicians and celebrities who use their prominence in favor of the cause. Numerous Life Ball angels who enable the Life Ball to take place every year. Opera and theatre stars, artists, curators, scientists and those affected, all of whom have inspired the Life Ball team from the initial idea to the final event in Vienna’s City Hall square. The editorial team would like to dedicate this magazine to all those who work tirelessly and courageously to promote acceptance and a more enlightened and diverse society.